Turn you Sublime Text editor into a HTTP server, and serves all the open project folders, now support ST2 and ST3

Markdown Rendering

When a client requests a Markdown file(.md), the server will return an Html file instead of the requested Markdown file, the Html file contains all of content of the Markdown file and will render Markdown syntax into Html syntax on the client side.


Open Tools-StaticServer-Settings, add mime types for Markdown like below

		"attempts": 5,
		"autorun": false,
		"interval": 500,
			"": "application/octet-stream",
			".c": "text/plain",
			".h": "text/plain",
			".markdown": "text/x-markdown; charset=UTF-8",
			".md": "text/x-markdown; charset=UTF-8",
			".py": "text/plain"
		"port": 8080